Frequently Asked Questions

Some people see a site like this and have a few questions nagging them. So, here are the questions I expect would be asked.

These are questions surrounding this site itself and the domain name.

Does Benjamin Kepner/Global Social Media Marketing approve of this site?

Not even remotely.

Isn’t it kind of dodgy to own a domain name with someone else’s name?

A bit. Though, considering that the purpose is to prevent consumer fraud, I think that outweighs any dodginess that might be associated with owning Not to mention the fact that I had warned Benjamin in December 2018 that he should acquire the domain name (though I told him that he should do so in an effort to enhance his branding… something that a web developer shouldn’t have to tell a supposed marketing expert).

Will Benjamin Kepner ever take control of this site?

It’s incredibly unlikely. Firstly, as I said above, my motivations were purely about consumer protections and my goal was to publish my thoughts about what happened at Global Social Media Marketing so that people can be aware of what’s going on over there.

Secondly, I’ve violated no provision of the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy, a policy that is set by the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (or ICANN). I make it clear every chance I get that Benjamin Kepner nor Global Social Media Marketing has no affiliation with this site and I’m planning to put that on a banner that sits on top of the site.

Donny Coram attempted to offer me $100 for the domain name in a particularly insulting letter. Of course, I said no.