NOTE: This site is still being written and content will be up shortly to demonstrate the truth of the claims on this front page.

The fraud himself, Benjamin Kepner.

I set up this website to discuss the truth about Denver-based “Global Social Media Marketing” and it’s CEO, Benjamin Kepner. I set this site up in an effort to discuss the unethical business practices at GSMM and with Benjamin Kepner. These include issues such as wage theft, sexual harassment, creation of a hostile work environment, and deception of customers in a vein effort to save face. It is my hope that through this website, I am able to demonstrate the truth of these claims.

My name is Véronique Bellamy and I’m the former web developer who worked on sites with Global Social Media Marketing. This website was set up in the same vein as Simon Jones’ website about 1&1 Internet and his problems with their “customer service” or Elle Beau’s website about her experience as an Younique consultant.

This site exists as a warning for other web developers and young professionals, both in Colorado and in Georgia (since Benjamin likes to recruit interns and others affiliated with the University of Georgia). It is an attempt to describe not only the actions that took place while I was there but also how they were handled (or written off).

Note that this website is, in no way, shape, or form, endorsed by Benjamin Kepner nor Global Social Media Marketing. In fact, he’s quite incensed that I own this domain name. So please feel free to share this site as far and wide as you can.